Bosentan is the first targeted drug to hit the market in the family of endothelin receptor antagonists. Although there is a certain probability of liver injury, it can be detected early under regular detection, and it can be reversed by timely discontinuation or addition of liver-protecting drugs. In 2018, Bosentan was added to the List of essential medicines.







Varieties are listed in the national essential drug experts and the vast majority of medical workers of all kinds of drugs in clinical application in China through the scientific evaluation and demonstration, screen out the typical drugs, is to be able to meet the demand of basic medical and health care, appropriate, to ensure supply of dosage form, basic unit can be equipped with, national can equitable access to drugs. Bosentan's entry into the National Essential Medicine List marks the advent of a new era, and also indicates that the field of rare diseases has received national and social attention and laid a solid foundation. This means that the country attaches great importance to the treatment of pulmonary hypertension, and more patients with pulmonary hypertension will be guaranteed reliably in the future.